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Title: Hunger Strike, (Part 4/?)
Author: Shelby (gateruner)
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Category: Beckett/Cadman, Angst, Drama, WIP
Rating: R bordering NC-17
Spoilers: Up to the ending of S3, EXCEPT that “Sunday” didn’t happen! No, no way, no how.
Summary: Laura Cadman is abducted off-world and rescued, but her nightmare has only begun as she starts to remember exactly what happened to her and what evil plans the Wraith have in store for humanity.
Warnings: This is darkfic people. Beware! If you don’t want the angst, don’t read on.
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine, I don’t own them, don’t make any money from them, just playing, honest.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Hunger Strike
Part 4

Col. Sheppard raced towards the infirmary, with the rest of his team, including Dr. Weir. Carson had sounded panicked, and that didn’t bode well in his book. He turned the corner to find Dr. Beckett pacing outside the curtain area of Lt. Cadman’s bed. “Doc? What’s going on?”

“Aw, bloody hell.” Carson bent over, placing his hands on his knees, trying to regain his composure. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Even when Michael….” Carson looked up and shook his head. “She was in my mind. My thoughts, all my memories. It was like she was trying to, to….”

Sheppard was about to speak once again when the nurse appeared around the corner. Dr. Beckett turned his attention to her, “I want her isolated, you understand? Minimal contact with the patient. And no male contact of any kind, female personnel only. Call Dr. Keller and have her report as soon as she can.”

Nurse Lisa nodded, “Yes sir. I’ll see to it personally.”

“So doc, what the hell is going on?” Sheppard rarely saw Dr. Beckett this upset, so whatever it was, it was bad.

Carson nodded and took a deep breath, “Right. I came to check on Laura, to see how she was doing. When I came in, she appeared to be dreaming. Although it seemed to be a rather intense dream, I didn’t try to wake her. When I sat next to her, I reached out for her hand. And then she.... it was like she attacked me. Mentally, with her mind. I could feel her inside me, all over me. It was like, it was like….” Carson shook his head.

“It was like a Wraith.” Teyla stepped forward, looking past Carson towards the curtain area.

Carson nodded, “Aye.”

“I can sense her from here.” Teyla moved towards the curtains, ignoring the protests behind her. “This is different.”

“Different how?” Sheppard felt his defenses shoot up.

Teyla closed her eyes, taking slow and deep breaths. She reached out with her mind, trying to find her friend…..

The room was dark and cold. A heavy dampness filled the air, making it difficult to breathe. There were Wraith, lots of them. Everywhere. And something else, something not unlike the Wraith, but not exactly the same either.

There was a large platform in the center of the room, the only visible light emitting from a dome that shone down on a table and on Laura Cadman. She lay on the table, covered by a worn blanket. Teyla started towards her friend, but then stopped suddenly, recoiling against the wall as she noticed Michael emerge from the shadows.

Michael walked towards the platform and Teyla watched as he approached Laura. He leaned over her prone figure, tracing a single finger down her cheek. Teyla could sense the growing anxiety in the Lieutenant. He continued to caress her face, studying her reaction.

Laura lay completely still, staring at her captor. “Whatever you have planned, it won’t work.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Lieutenant,” Michael chuckled as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Funny, isn’t it? We held the same rank in your military system. Women warriors are unheard of in the Wraith. The Wraith regard their females as queens, worthy of worship.” Michael circled the platform before ripping back the blanket, exposing Laura’s naked body, her arms and ankles in shackles. “Tell me, Laura Cadman, did Dr. Beckett worship you? Did he submit to your every desire?”

Laura swallowed hard, staring Michael in the face, “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?!”

Michael hissed grabbing Laura by the hair and arching her head back against the table, “You forget that I’ve already seen inside your mind. I know what desires you truly hold inside. You may think you really know Dr. Beckett, but I assure you, you haven’t a clue.”

“And just what would you know about it? You forget I’ve seen inside your mind as well. All you know is anger and hatred. The betrayal you feel by the Wraith and humans is what keeps you alive. You wouldn’t know the first thing about love.”


“You think you can make people love you? You got a taste for it in Atlantis and now you’re jealous.” Laura shook her head, “You are nothing more than a pathetic child who feels abandoned by his parents and wants to seek retribution.”

Michael released her head and let out a wail, bringing down one sharp nail across Laura’s chest and abdomen. Laura gasped and closed her eyes and searing pain shot through her skin.

Teyla gasped as she watched the crimson liquid flow down Laura’s chest, between her breasts, pooling around her navel. Laura’s chest was heaving, causing the blood to spill over her sides and onto the table.

Laura gave Michael an evil grin, “That’s it isn’t it? They tried to give you a life. Show you what it would be like to be human, and you rejected it. You couldn’t overcome your basic instincts. And you hate yourself for it, just like you hate us, and the Wraith. You belong nowhere.”

Michael struck again, this time across her face. Laura hissed against the pain, bucking against the restraints. She opened her eyes and stared into the shadows. Teyla was certain she could feel Laura staring directly at her.

Teyla watched Laura’s face as the blood began to ooze from the fresh cut across her cheek. There was a peaceful look to her face and her features began to slacken.

Teyla was starting to fear that Laura was beginning to fade away, when she noticed the movement at the edge of the table. Michael was releasing the shackles from Laura’s ankles. She looked at Laura’s face, waiting for a response, but there was nothing. It was like she was in a trance.

When Teyla looked back she found that Michael was disrobing and gasped as he crawled onto the table. Laura still seemed subdued, staring into the shadows. Teyla watched in horror as Michael grabbed Laura’s ankles and positioned himself between her legs. A single tear slid down Laura’s cheek and Teyla made out the faint whisper of ‘Carson’ on her lips before Laura screamed out as Michael thrust into her.

Teyla gasped and stumbled backwards. Her mind was still filled with the vivid image of Michael raping Laura. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind. She felt Col. Sheppard catch her, followed by his adamant shaking and finger snapping.

“Teyla! Teyla!” John shook her several times, before she finally turned around to look at him.

“Michael! It was Michael! He…” Teyla turned to face Dr. Beckett, “I could see into Laura’s mind. I could see what he did to her.” She had made a promise to Laura not to disclose certain information. And when the word rape had come up before, she hadn’t been certain as to its true meaning. Now she understood.

“What was it Teyla, what did he do?” Col. Sheppard watched his teammate’s expression shift from disturbed to determined. Whatever she saw, he already knew she wasn’t going to be forthcoming with the information.

Teyla looked between her CO and Carson. She had made a promise to Laura, but something inside told her she couldn’t keep this one. “Let’s just say, he violated her.”

“Oh my God.” Dr. Weir knew instantly what that implied and looked at Teyla for confirmation. When she simply nodded, she knew she was correct.

“Wait a minute, are you saying that he raped her?” Rodney blurted out. Everyone turned to him in horror. He tried to quickly recover, “No, I mean, I just, I thought the Wraith couldn’t… you know. That they didn’t.... have…. that.” He really wasn’t trying to make things worse, but he did want to understand. From everything they knew about the Wraith, they didn’t reproduce by mating. It didn’t make sense.

“He is still part human.” Teyla responded.

Elizabeth turned towards Carson, noticing how pale he looked and his hands were trembling. “Carson, are you going to be okay?”

“Yes, yes I will be.” Truthfully, he didn’t know. He would have been lying if he didn’t already suspect what had happened, but up until now he’d been denying it. Now, hearing it confirmed, a part of him began to seethe with anger.

“So exactly what does all this mean. And what else did he do to her?” Col. Sheppard tried to keep his mind focused. There was threat and they had to work towards eliminating it.

“I am not sure. He seems to have given her certain abilities, such as telepathy. I could sense that she’s having a hard time controlling it. And I could sense something else, a hunger inside her.”

“Is he turning her into a Wraith?”

“No, I don’t sense that. This is different. It’s almost as though….” Teyla worked to find the words, “It is very primal, very intense. It’s like she has a need to couple or mate.”

“So she’s in heat?” Rodney blurted.

“Rodney!” John snapped, “Will you shut up?!”

“Actually, Colonel, I think Rodney is right.” Carson stepped forward, his face ashen. “I could sense it myself. She is releasing a high level of pheromones right now. That’s why I restricted her care to female staff.”

“Will this pass?” Dr. Weir asked.

“I honestly don’t know. I don’t even know what’s causing it.” Carson shook his head, “Her latest lab work showed a decrease in her hormone levels, so I believed her condition was improving.”

Everyone looked up as they heard a strangled moan come from behind the curtains. Carson was the first to enter the area, followed closely by the others. The sheets were now completely off the bed and pooled onto the floor. Laura was clawing at the strings on her bedgown, trying to rip the material from her body. Although her eyes were open, she didn’t appear to be conscious.

Carson approached the bed, hesitantly, “Laura? Laura, can you hear me, love?” He took another step until he was standing close to the head of the bed. She stopped abruptly, looking around the room in confusion. Everyone was staring at her. And when did they all show up?

Laura was cold and she shivered, wrapping her arms around her legs as she pulled them towards her body. “Wha-What’s going on?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing, lass?” Carson was trying his best to be casual, not to frighten Laura anymore than possible.

“I… I don’t know. I remember Teyla visiting me….” Laura tried to recall what had happened. She remembered Teyla being there, her getting upset and asking to be alone. After that, it was all a dream. Laura was trying to focus her mind, thinking about Carson and their first date and then… then it all turned into a nightmare. She shook, “I, I think I was having a nightmare.”

Carson nodded, “Aye, that’s what it sounded like.” He moved towards the foot of the bed and reached down to retrieve the blankets from the floor. He watched as Laura took the covers, and wrapped them over her legs. “Why don’t I give you something to help you sleep?”

“No, I think I’ve slept enough for now.” Laura was cold and then suddenly hot again. She kicked the covers away. “I just…” She became hyperaware of everyone in the room. All eyes were upon her, watching her. She turned to face Carson, locking eyes. Her breathing deepened and she felt a surge of warmth spread across her body. She wanted him. She NEEDED him.

“Uh, guys…. Uh, shouldn’t someone….” Rodney stared as Laura rose to her knees crawling towards the edge of the bed in an almost feral manner. Her eyes were locked onto Carson and he was fixated in his spot. His eyes glassed over and he slipped off his labcoat.

“Doc!” The colonel shouted.

“Carson!” Elizabeth cried out.

Colonel Sheppard jerked Carson out of the way and stood in his spot, “Alright Lieutenant, that’s enough!”

Laura gave a feral grin, “Why Colonel? Are you offering?”

John felt his body responding, despite himself, “That’s enough Lt. Stand down, that’s an order!”

“Oooh, do you like giving me orders, Colonel?” Laura chuckled.

Sheppard was shaking his head slowly, “What the hell did he do to you?” He wanted her, badly. And that was wrong. His mind was screaming it, but his body said otherwise. “Why don’t you lie down like a good girl and let us help you?”

“Who says I have to be a good girl?”

“Enough!” Teyla stepped forward, “Laura, stop this at once. Fight it. I know you can.”

Something flashed across Laura’s eyes for a brief second, but then the feral smirk returned, “You may be able to stop me, but you will never stop Michael.”

End Part 4
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