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Title: Sex And Chocolate
Author: gateruner
E-Mail: gateruner2000 at yahoo.com
Pairings: Beckett/Cadman, (implied McKay/Sheppard)
Rating: NC-17
Category: PWP, Smut, het, implied slash, and did I mention smut?
Spoilers: 2.04 “Duet”
Summary: After a girls poker game and hot gossip, Laura still isn’t finished scoring for the evening.
Disclaimer: These characters aren’t mine, I don’t own them, don’t make any money off them, and if I did, I wouldn’t be here writing fanfic about them. So there.
Warnings: Nothing other than graphic sex, and the fact that this is unbeta’ed. Whoa!

Sex and Chocolate
by gateruner

“No way!” Miko squeaked from her side of the table as she got ready to turn the river card.

Laura eyed the board, noting her straight draw, praying for a jack on the river. She inwardly celebrated as the card came off, revealing her straight-making card. “Would I kid about something as serious as this?” Laura casually called Kate Heightmeyer’s bet and raised another chocolate bar just for added value. She knew Kate was bluffing anyway, the chances of her beating her king-high straight were not in her favor. Especially not the way Kate bet. She might be a hell of a psychologist, but she was a lousy poker player.

“Should we really be discussing this ladies?” Dr. Katie Brown added. She wasn’t comfortable talking about Rodney, especially after she found out that Laura had been the one to initiate the kiss. After that, she’d been uncomfortable around Rodney, sensing something was off. This conversation didn’t help matters.

“Oh lighten up Katie,” Laura looked down the table at Kate as she spoke, “What’s up Heightmeyer? Are you in or are you out?”

“I’m thinking,” Kate snapped, studying her whole cards carefully before tapping on the felt tabletop. “Tell me Laura, how do you know this about Dr. McKay and Colonel Sheppard? Is this speculation or something more?”

Laura grinned, “Why Kate, are you stalling for time or are you actually curious?”

Kate fingered through her stash of candy, looking down at her cards one last time, then back up again, “Both.” She sighed heavily before tossing a reese’s peanut butter cup into the pot. “I call.” She turned her cards over to reveal that she’d paired with the king, but then she saw Laura’s straight and frowned, tossing her cards in, “Besides, it explains a lot.”

Laura smiled as she raked in her loot. “Oh yeah, it explains A LOT!” She really was racking up this evening. It paid to schedule a game when the Deadalus was in dock. Everyone had just received packages from home.

“Oh I don’t want to hear this,” Miko covered her ears as the other girls laughed.

Lindsey Novak was silent long enough, “You girls do know that Kavanaugh is gay, right?!”

Everyone at the table just stared at her. She let one hiccup slip before reaching for her glass of Athosian wine.

Laura turned her attention back to the table, “Well Lindsey, I’d have to say that is about the most repulsive thing I’ve gotten a mental image of all evening.”

“Well, it’s true though,” Lindsey argued. She didn’t get to hang around the field teams like the rest of the girls, she was stuck on the Deadalus with Hermoid and Kavanaugh. How much fun was that?

“Well true or not,” Laura gathered up the cards and closed her eyes, dramatically shaking her body in disgust, “It’s just too awful to even think about.”

Lindsey nodded in agreement, she couldn’t argue with that point, “Well, maybe. But you did bring up Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay first. I was just going with the flow.”

“Yeah, but that’s HOT!” Cadman began to pass out the cards, unfazed by the looks she was now getting from the table. “What?!” Everyone just stared, “Oh please! Like you guys don’t really think about it.”

“No, I don’t!” Katie shook her head, a look of terror across her face.

“Me either,” Miko added, her cheeks turning red.

Novak seemed to be contemplating it. “Kate?” Laura leaned on the table with her elbows, “Help me out here.”

Kate shifted in her seat, sliding her cards along the felt of the table, “Weeeelll.” She swayed her head before looking up at Laura and bursting into a grin, “Okay, yeah, I admit it. I have thought about it.”

Laura smiled in triumph, glad to have at least some company in her thoughts, “See! Told you guys. It’s hot, there’s no denying it.”

“But Laura, Colonel Sheppard is your Commanding Officer?” Laura wasn’t sure how Miko’s eyes could look any bigger behind those huge glasses, but they did.

“I know he’s my C.O.! Besides, I didn’t say I wanted to sleep with him. I just think the idea of him and Rodney…. You know….” Laura held her hands out and bumped the tips of her fingers together in a gesture that implied several scenarios, “Well, it’s just hot.”

“Oh my god!” Miko slapped her hands on her head, she couldn’t think about Rodney like that.

Katie turned a deep shade of red, Novak still seemed to be thinking about it (maybe even a bit too seriously), and Kate just chuckled.

Laura shook her head, deciding the subject was just too much at the moment. “Alright ladies, who’s in?”


Laura swiped her hand over the door panel and entered her quarters, dropping a few candy bars along the way. She sighed as she bent over to retrieve them. Another hand reached for the Snickers bar at the same time and she started to raise up, “Hey.” Her head spun as she straightened up and she felt a pair of strong arms grip her own, the candy bar wrappers rustling against her chest.

“Whoa there, lassie. Looks like that’s heavy lifting tonight.” Carson grinned as he steadied Laura and relieved her of her stash of candy bars. “Well, you really racked up tonight didn’t ya? You need to come along and coach me the next time Colonel Sheppard wants to play.”

Laura yawned and stretched lazily, “Poker is no fun with a bunch of testosterone jarheads.”

Carson chuckled as he dumped Laura’s load of winnings into a dresser drawer, “Oh, and I suppose it’s much more entertaining with a bunch of estrogen ridden hens cackling about?”

Laura was about to reply when she fully absorbed what he had said, “Did you just call me a hen?”

Carson merely grinned and Laura picked up a pillow out of the closest chair. He had already turned towards his desk when she hit her target square in the back. He turned around and raised his eyebrows playfully, “Now I know you don’t really want to pick a fight lassie, not in your state.”

“What state?” Laura tried to sound offended, but ended up laughing instead. She could feel the warmth of the alcohol spreading nicely through her body, the flush of her cheeks and the heaviness in her limbs told her she had one hell of a buzz going on.

“How much wine did you ladies drink this evening?” Carson walked back towards Laura, half serious and half teasing. He could tell she was drunk, but it didn’t seem that she was that far out of her senses.

“Enough.” Laura wrapped her arms around Carson’s neck, stumbling closer towards his body. “Why? Are you jealous?”

Carson shook his head, watching the edge of her shirt rise just above her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck, revealing a thin sliver of pale flesh. He wrapped his hands around her waist, his nimble fingers running under the edge of her shirt. “Do I look like I’m jealous when I have this to come home to me?”

Laura closed her eyes and smiled, “Hmmmm.” She moved in closer and nuzzled her face into his neck.

The sound that came from Laura shot straight to Carson’s groin, and coupled with the nuzzling was enough to make his pants begin to tighten. “Watch it lassie, unless you’re prepared to follow through on this.”

Laura answered by swiping her tongue along the arch of his neck and then biting him playfully. He jumped slightly and then moaned as she began to suck on the sensitive skin.

It was Laura’s turn to moan as he trailed his hands beneath her shirt, up her warm chest, cupping her firm breasts. Laura pulled back enough to find Carson’s mouth.

Carson gave another soft moan as Laura opened her lips for him. Her mouth was warm and sweet, a mixture of Athosian wine and chocolate. So she’d already sampled her winnings, huh?

Laura slid her hands down his chest, her fingers fumbling at the belt buckle and zipper of his pants. Carson pulled her closer to his body, thrusting his now erect cock against her hips. Laura’s hands were trapped between them, unable to move. She whimpered in his mouth, causing Carson to laugh and pull back.

She was about to say something about the teasing, but stopped as she stared into the deep blue eyes and dimples. She was a sucker for the dimples. They caused her to grin like a schoolgirl and if anyone ever found out, she’d have to kick their asses.

Going back to belt buckle, she maintained eye contact with Carson, until she felt him tugging at her shirt. Laura sighed and lifted her arms up as he tossed the shirt towards the corner of the room. She stepped back into his space, freeing the belt from the buckle and sliding the zipper down slowly. Carson reached out and cupped her breasts, the straps of her bra sliding off her shoulders as he kneaded the warm flesh in his hands. He slipped his fingers under the edge of the cups, effectively pushing the material under her breasts, exposing her already hard nipples.

Laura gasped as Carson leaned into her chest, sucking gently on her left nipple, then moving towards the right. She managed to free his erection from his pants and boxers, the material hitting the floor as they pooled around his ankles. She ran her hands through his hair briefly, before pulling him away from her breasts and towards her mouth. She gave him a deep, passionate kiss before pulling back, “Carson,” she panted, “Bed. Now.” Her voice was desperate and needy.

He nodded leaning his forehead against hers, “Aye.” He tried to take a step backwards, but tumbled to the floor, his feet tangled in his pants and underwear.

Laura clasped a hand over her mouth as she began to laugh, causing Carson to laugh as well, “Shut up you, just shut up.” He teased.

“Who’s been the one drinking tonight?” Laura teased as she sat down on the floor next to him, pulling off his shoes and freeing his legs from the tangle of fabric.

Carson pulled his shirt off, leaving him completely naked and on the floor. He was only a few feet from the bed and he reached back to hoist himself off the floor before he felt Laura clutch one of his legs and he came crashing back down again.

Howling laughter erupted from Laura as he fell back down again. She rolled around the floor, tears coming from her eyes.

“You really are nuts woman, you know that?!” Carson laughed as he watched Laura. It was so nice to see her this relaxed and happy. She spent so much time trying to be tough and competitive that she rarely showed this side of herself. He felt honored to be a witness to it, despite it causing him a great amount of personal embarrassment. “Alright you!” Carson reached over and grabbed her, causing her to laugh harder, “Someone’s turned your tickle box over.”

Carson straddled her and for a brief moment thought about how funny it must look with him naked, straddling her half-dressed body. But he didn’t really care, not when she was so happy and having fun. She playfully swatted her hands at him, but he ignored it, sliding his hands beneath her back. He leaned forward, his cock pressing against her exposed belly as he fumbled for the clasp of her bra. Her breath was hot in his ear, causing him to involuntarily thrust against her stomach and give out a small moan.

The clasp finally released and he rubbed his hands along the warm expanse of skin, pulling the straps of her bra off her arms, flinging the satin material across the floor with the other clothing. Laura was still smiling, trying to refrain from another outburst of laughter. She was brushing her fingers along the top of Carson’s thighs, her eyes diverting to his cock then back to his face and back again. She tried to be serious, but she couldn’t help herself, “So, whatcha gonna do with that?” Laura roared out laughing again.

Carson was trying hard not to laugh, but finally gave in and started to chuckle along with her. If it was anyone else, any other situation, he’d probably have been offended in some way, but not with Laura. She was always too playful and fun. There was no malice or ill-intent in her words.

Laura squirmed beneath him, looking for a way out. “Oh no you don’t lassie!” Carson grabbed her hips, effectively keeping her in place. She settled down a bit, trying to keep a straight face. Straight? Laura thought about the word and the earlier poker conversation and busted out laughing again. Carson was simply shaking his head as he worked the zipper of her pants, pushing the fabric down her legs. When he reached her feet, he got up and removed her shoes and pants, leaving her in nothing but her baby blue bikini underwear.

“C’mon, you’re going to catch a cold down here.” Carson scooped her up and laid her down on the bed. He walked over to turn off the desk lamp and power down his laptop. The room lighting dimmed as Carson thought about settling down for the evening.

“Are you done?” Carson grinned as he watched her settle down a bit.

Laura nodded, ‘Hmm, I think so.” She placed her hands on her stomach and sighed, her fingers playing with the edge of her panties. She allowed her body to sink into the soft cotton sheets of the bed, she was too comfortable to move, or maybe she was just too drunk, she wasn’t sure.

Carson crawled onto the bed and stretched out beside Laura. He kissed her shoulder as he settled onto his side, his left hand brushing along her thigh, much like she’d done to him earlier.

Laura scooted closer to his body, feeling his cock brushing against her leg. The feel of flesh on flesh caused a jolt of electricity to streak between her thighs. She involuntarily clenched her thighs and gave a small thrust of her hips. It didn’t go unnoticed by Carson, as he teased her closer to her center, his fingers moving closer to her center.

Her skin was flushed now, from both the alcohol and arousal. Carson licked his lips as he watched her chest rise and fall, her hard nipples jutting out from her silky skin. He noticed her fingers inching lower into her panties and he fought back a moan. Laura’s head was tossed back, her eyes closed as she writhed atop the bed. “Do it,” he whispered.

Laura popped her eyes open, all laughter gone from her eyes, now replaced with a deep lust, “What?” she panted.

Carson removed his hand from her thigh and brought it to one of her breasts, cupping it in his hand, squeezing gently, ‘Touch yourself for me. I want to see.”

Laura gasped, her eyes squeezing shut as she bucked her hips against the bed. Her hands answered for her, as they slid between her legs with little effort. Carson reached down and slid the cotton material down her thighs just enough to see what she was doing and gulped.

Her fingers and thighs were already slick with her wetness. He watched her trace lazy circles over her clit before slipping one finger deep inside. Her other hand was busy sliding over the folds of her skin before settling back on her clit. Laura angled her hips and thrust as she slid another finger inside herself and began to pump her fingers in and out of her body.

Carson reached down and gripped the base of his cock and squeezed. He took a ragged breath, forcing himself not to come as he watched Laura masturbate.

She slowly increased her speed, bucking her hips harder as she began to rub her clit faster and harder. Laura added a third finger and began rocking against the bed frantically before she gave one final thrust and cried out as she came.

Carson tried to control his own breathing as he watched Laura come down from her high. Her chest was glistening with sweat, the flush of her skin even deeper and her eyes looked almost glazed over. He reached down and yanked the cotton material down her legs quickly, Laura’s hands still buried between her legs.

He slipped between her legs and bent her knees, causing her legs to fall to the sides of her body. Laura stirred and began to raise her hands, but Carson stopped her, grasping her wrists as he brought her fingers to his lips, slowly licking her juices from her skin. Laura watched, mesmerized by the sight of Carson sucking her fingers.

When he was finished, Laura clasped her hands around his head, pulling him up for a deep kiss. She could taste herself on his lips, his tongue, all over his mouth, and it was such a turn on for her. She moaned into his mouth, thrusting her hips towards him, as he began to position himself above her. Laura felt his cock slide against her wetness and angled her hips. One quick thrust and he was deep inside her. Laura gave another moan as he began to rock his hips in rhythm with her.

Laura broke the kiss, gasping for breath as he increased his thrusts, “Yes! Yes!” Laura gripped his arms, feeling his biceps flex as he worked to steady himself above her body. Carson was panting now, and Laura felt a few drops of sweat drip onto her skin from his hair and face. “Laura!” he gasped, his fingers twisting in the sheets as he called her name, giving one final thrust that caused the headboard to slam against the wall.

Laura arched her back and hips, giving a final meeting thrust to Carson’s. She felt him spasm inside her and wrapped her arms around him as he collapsed atop her body. Laura hugged him tightly, planting kisses all over his head and shoulders as he tried to regain his breathing

“Bloody hell woman! You’re going to kill me,” he laughed. Laura felt the rumble deep in his chest and started laughing as well.

“Yeah, but think about it.” Carson raised his head to meet her gaze. She smiled, ‘What a way to go.”

“Aye.” Carson laughed, burying his head back into her shoulder for a moment. Then he looked back up again, noting the change in her eyes, “So, did that sober you up a bit?”

Laura nodded then smiled, running her fingers through his sweat-soaked hair, “I love you.”

Carson smiled back, “I love you too.” He ran his fingers through her hair, enjoying the warm afterglow. Suddenly his stomach rumbled, and Carson gave a longing look towards the dresser. “So, what exactly did you win tonight?”

Laura eyed him, “Who says I’m sharing?”

Carson shot her a pair of his best puppy dog eyes, “You mean after all that you’d deprive a poor man of sustenance. I need my protein you know?”

“Protein?” Laura snorted, “Since when in the hell does chocolate contain protein.” He struck the puppy eyes again and Laura sighed, “Fine.” Carson jumped off the bed and ran to the dresser. Laura smiled as she stared at the ceiling, listening to the rustling of the candy wrappers, and then she grinned. “Hey Carson, just be sure you keep your hands off my mounds!”

The End
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