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Just a heads up that the Isis Awards are up for voting now. For those who don't know, the Isis Awards celebrate everything het is the Stargate fandom, and there's quite a large Beckett/Cadman section to vote from this year! So go, vote for your fav B/C and other stories and celebrate some of the best het stories out on the net this year.

Isis Awards Nominees
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Go forth and Nominate for the Isis Awards

The Isis Awards celebrate rarer het pairings in the Stargate universe, so anything het -- with the exception of Shep/Weir and Sam/Jack -- are open to nominate. So, nominate your favorite Beckett/Cadman story, and any other het pairings that are favorites of yours. Let's celebrate the het and reward some of your favorite authors.

Nominations are open until March 22. And now you know, so if you haven't done so already, Nominate!
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Hey, just wanted to remind people of the Drabble Tree we're running here at the comm. We've had 12 great little ficlets and would love to see more!

The words to start with so far: always, you, into, permanently, breath, Cadman, fled, something, home, reach, way, and Ancients.

So stop by, write a drabble/ficlet, join in the fun :)

--> Drabble Tree
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Alrighty, so something to entertain us while the show is on mid-season hiatus. Drabble tree time at [livejournal.com profile] beckett_cadman!

What is a Drabble Tree?: A drabble tree are drabbles that take the last word of the drabble preceeding them and use that word as the first word of their own drabble. So, if the one you're replying to ends with 'fire' the first word of your drabble has to be 'fire'. The drabbles don't have to be in any way related except for the last/first word. You can reply as many times to any drabble. Very few rules on the drabble tree.

A drabble is technically 100 words exactly, but I'm not picky about it. As long as it's 100 or more, it's golden for this. So, technically... ficlet tree! As well, since we are [livejournal.com profile] beckett_cadman, let's make sure the drabbles are either Beckett, Cadman, or Beckett/Cadman centric, with any one else thrown in for fun. Cause we love them all here :) As well, any rating is allowed, but if it's NC-17, just make a note in the subject so people can skip it if they want.

And I'll start it off, again proving the 100 words doesn't matter, cause mine's a double drabble *lol*


Carson sighed, obviously exasperated. "Go ahead, lass. Laugh. You know you’ve been waiting to."

Laura shook her head. "Oh, c’mon. I’m not going to laugh at you. What kind of person do you think I am?" She bit her lip when Carson glared at her. "Besides, I think it’s kinda cute."

"Cute?" Carson replied sharply, raising an eyebrow as Laura tried valiantly not to laugh. "I look like a bloody fruit!"

That finally did it. Laura bent over, laughing, as Carson tried again to rub the purple from his skin. She hadn’t gotten the full story, but apparently something exploded in the lab – Zelenka was apparently a dark green, and Rodney a lovely shade of blue. "Oh, but it could totally be worse," she said after gathering her wits enough to speak again.

"And how would that be?" Carson demanded, crossing his arms across his chest and glaring at the marines who walked through the corridor, snickering at him.

"I’ve been stuck in McKay’s head," Laura replied, her grin well practiced from using this particular point to win multiple arguments. "That particular horror wins any argument. Any time," she laughed, giving Carson a quick kiss on his purple cheek. "Always."
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So, I was thinking that it might be fun to have a cute little drabble tree for the comm while we're all looking for things to entertain ourselves over this really really long hiatus. Would anyone be interested in such a thing? Something cute, fun, short?

Just trying to gauge interest before putting one up. Anyone think they might wanna play? :)

EDIT: So, here's kinda what a drabble tree is...

How it works is that someone (me) posts a drabble first. And I'll post a couple so there are a few words to choose from at first. You reply to it, and your reply drabble has to start with the last word of the previous drabble. Doesn't have to be related in any way shape or form other than the last/first word.


Drabble 1: ... and that's how the infirmary caught on fire.
Reply Drabble: "Fire was something we mastered long ago," Teyla sighed...

Each drabble can have as many replies as people get inspired by or whatnot. So what you end up with is a tree looking thing with drabbles related by connecting words.

Make sense? It's totally easy when doing, it's just odd to explain *lol*

New Layout!

Aug. 8th, 2006 06:32 pm
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If you're taking a peek at the comm, you're going to notice our lovely new layout!

The banner we're using is mine, and the layout is courtesy the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] victoriaely. Much thanks to her for helping spiff up the place!
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If you come in and find it looks a little wacky here with colors and such, don't panic there is nothing wrong with your computer screen the world is not ending and your eyes are not playing tricks on you it's all in your head your perfectly fine :P kidding. I'm working on getting this place fixed up and looking cool/prettyfull. Anyone who wants to help in anyway (work with banners or backgrounds, others ideas etc.) just lemme know through IM, email or just comment here. 

Thanks guys
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[personal profile] chasingkerouac and [personal profile] suekay_87 will be maintainers for this
comm. as well. It works out best :) Thanks to all that volenteered and congrats to those who got the "job" ....don't expect much pay though :P unless you want to be paied in...*reaches into pockets*...pocket lint ;)

Admin Post

May. 12th, 2006 08:17 pm
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Wow, it's been a while and the poor com still is in shambles...kinda lol. I've just been really busey and i don't even use this name anymore which is why I'm posting right now. For those that haven't figured it out yet, If anyone needs to contact me about com. issues or suggestions you can now reach me at [livejournal.com profile] unspokenlonging As that user I should prolly remember to maintain this comm better so hopefully this will work :) Have fun and I'll see you around. Kudos to those who have actually posted here :D
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