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Couple of...interesting...*wink*...fics on wraithbait that I found. Kiddies look away. =)

Entranced by Siri Tachi (NC-17)
Carson is infected with a vampiric virus and succumbs to the lure of human flesh.

Dessert Night by Recognizer (NC-17)
Laura wins a jar of chocolate at Ladies' Poker Night. What will she decide to do with it?

Fic Rec =)

Jan. 5th, 2007 05:00 pm
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Just found this fic =)

The She-Wolf of Atlantis (PG-13) by Jersey13
Laura Cadman is the She-Wolf of Atlantis, and has decided to take Kate Heightmeyer's advice to start keeping a journal.
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Can't remember if I've posted these before but meh. =) 

L & C (PG-13) by Ann3
For all Carson & Laura shippers. A bit of privacy for our favourite lovebirds ? Not with a certain matchmaking Colonel around !

First Name Basis (PG-13) by BiteMeTechie
Two staff members have been calling each other by their last names for long enough...

What Men Dare Do (PG-13) by Fyrie
Delivering medical provisions and care away from Atlantis, Doctor Beckett finds himself placed in an uncertain situation with only the company of Ronon Dex. (caz - It's not real slash ok? lol..)

Who Heals the Healer? (PG) by Marianne H. Stillie
Sometimes a relationship isn't really over.

Till Death Do Us Part (G) by captdeb
Love and loss in the Pegasus Galaxy. futurefic (caz - depressing)

Aftermath (PG-13) by Ann3
Following on from Misbegotten, and the nightmare for Carson goes on. (caz - angst with ship)

Demands (NC-17) by Siri Tachi
Carson likes to watch.

Day And Night (PG) by Wayside
If he has to pinpoint the foundation of their relationship on something, it would be her ability to make him smile.

Broken Circles (PG-13) by Angel of Fire SG1
The city was gone, destroyed, leaving behind only the people who'd once stood and fought for their new home. SheppardWeir, RononTeyla

What Have I Done? (PG-13) by Jersey13
Laura Cadman is hurt on an offworld mission, and is inadvertently infected with an ancient and alien illness that's driving her mad. Can Carson, Rodney, and John save her, and save the city, before it's too late?

Semper Fi  (PG-13) by Ann3
Carson and Laura's relationship takes a lifechanging turn. (caz - is very squeeable)

Twice Blessed (PG-13) by Ann3
In this sequel to Semper Fi, Carson and Laura couldn't be happier. Or could they ?

The Greater Good (PG-13) by Ann3
In this sequel to Twice Blessed, Carson and Laura's happiness is about to be shattered.

Fic Rec

Dec. 8th, 2006 11:15 am
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Hey, a cute little B/C fic that I ran across that y'all should check out.

Slow and Steady by [livejournal.com profile] torakowalski
Involves Carson, Laura, and those precious wee turtles. Rated G. Spoilers for The Return Parts I & II.

Go forth, leave feedback. :)

Fic Rec

Oct. 25th, 2006 01:39 pm
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I'd get better a response from a graveyard than this community! Hehe. Come on...canon doesn't mean death. 

Anyway I started reading this fic and all of a sudden got attacked by ship! =D Writer is very inclined towards ship.

Taken On Trust by Ann3
Beckett's greatest strength can also be his greatest weakness. (advertised as whump fic)

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You're Reading What? by Annieohs (R)
A romance novel gets passed around Atlantis. CadmanBeckett and SheppardWeir. 

Jist Blethers by fififolle (PG)
Collection of one shots about Carson. Beckett/Cadman at chapters 1 and 5.

By Its Cover by Ann3 (PG)
Collection of one shots about Carson. Laura's impressions of Carson at chapter 6.

The following couple involve what I call "hiccups" in the ship. I haven't linked them before because I usually like feeling happy and tingly. But then the stories were resolved and I sorta got that feeling in the end.

Misconceptions by Nelowl (PG-13)
Colonel Sheppard and his team bring back strangers who claim to be Athosians. But are these people all that they seem? (this hiccup involves no particular angst)

Dark Secret by Elizabeth Bartlett (PG-13)
Laura has a secret about one of her children. Not very well written. (this hiccup involves lotsa angst and *shudder* McKay)
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There was a cute Beckett/Cadman piece posted at [livejournal.com profile] summer_flinging today.

Simplicity by [livejournal.com profile] orphic_iris, PG
"First day of vacation every year, I would run around outside all day long. Inevitably, I'd end up looking like a lobster when the day was done."
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Thought I'd post something serious  this time. Although, that drabble was fraking hilarious.


Those Darn Alien Spores by Porthos1013 (PG-13)
Alien spores made them do it...or did they? Alien influences and locked cupboards make this a great fic. Multiship, mostly Beckett/Cadman with mcweir.

Some Questions Are Difficult to Ask by Alex Took (G)
The lovable little scottish doctor wants to ask Laura Cadman on a date, but is harder than it seems. All day long he stalls, and then...falls? Cute fic. I like it. =)

The Ring by Elizabeth Bartlett (G)
Carson's tells Emily about her grandmother. Same author that wrote The Meaning of Names, same verse. Sweet lil fic.

Interlude, with Astrophysicist by tielan (PG)
Rodney's in a panic. Carson gets to comfort him. It's been a long day. Tag to Long Goodbye, many mentions of sheyla, nice Beckett/Cadman ending.
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I couldn't help myself. Had to link these because I love them.

Eavesdropping by Dr_Dredd (PG-13)
Colonel Sheppard learns the dangers of eavesdropping in the infirmary. I love this one =D Only warnings the author gave are for sexual innuendo but it's really quite harmless. 

The Seduction of Carson Beckett by mksmithie (NC-17)
Tag for Duet. Author describes as "pure fluffy romantic stuff." I'd say it's a little more than that, lol. Rating for a reason. And I say there should be more of it...

Lost But Not Little Boys by Susan (NC-17)
McKay is tramatized by the AU events of "The Lost Boys." As a result of his N/C, he must reconsider who he is and wants to be. Also very explicit Beckett/Cadman and a little Weir/Other. < at first glance this summary was enough to send me packing but I succumbed and read it. Half of its McKay noncon but there's definite NC-17 Beckett/Cadman

Again Wraithbait is hard to wade through if its listed under another ship so I haven't found any more. I found what could be considered a fic for our ship but it's angst and involves that dreaded Cadman/Rodney...so no I will not link it. lol.
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Recs recs recs beginning with my favourite.

Saving Grace by McRaider (PG)
They're more than just best friends, they're brothers...what if John and Rodney were brothers by adoption. Don't let the summary put you off, it's a GREAT story and the Beckett/Cadman which develops is excellent. Sheyla, mcweir, Beckett/Cadman. if you don't read the whole fic (because it's fantastic) then at least read chapter 71 for something very very very very very special.

The Meaning of Names by Elizabeth Bartlett (PG)
Carson and Laura come up with names for baby Beckett. Read not for quality but for fluff =D Amusing and cute, first baby fic I've come across.

In Sickness and in Hell by LE McMurray (PG)
Finally a fic where Rodney and Cadman can have a platonic relationship *rejoices* Bits of Beckett/Cadman here and there. This writer usually does Rodney/Cadman so I was pleasantly surprised. I really have had enough of Rodney and Cadman as a couple lol...

Dr Beckett and Mr Hyde by Ann3 (PG)
Laura's about to find out that doctors really do make lousy patients. Oh so utterly sweet and adorable. =D

The Start of Something Good by CMDragonia (G)
Carson reflects on the past few days while Cadman has somethings to explain about Rodney's behavior. Missing scene between Carson and Cadman during Duet. Nice little missing scene. =)

Attack of the Birdy by Lady Valmar (G)
A peaceful day on Atlantis and our favorite couple 'Carson and Laura' are out on the balcony eating a midmorning breakfast. Then a bird shows up and ruins their breakfast. Very very random, really no point but it made me smile...

Recs from another website another time. =D Fanfiction.net is quite hard to wade through.

PS: Just wish my own would make it to a fanfic *grovels to piece paper bearing the dialogue* I need inspiration...

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Took me a while to actually sort through all of my memories, and B/C fic is sadly quite rare, but I do have a few recs for everyone. Some of my favorites overlap with [livejournal.com profile] chasingkerouac's list, honestly, but there's one or two -- or five -- that I can add to the mix, ^_^

This Time by [livejournal.com profile] scrunchy (PG)
Summary: "You shouldn't play favorites," Cadman blinked against the harsh lights and tried to sit up. ... "The other patients will get jealous."

B/C fics do always seem to come after some sort of accident, don't they? Very sweet little fic, with some good characterizations and snarking. Makes me want to pet Carson even more than usual.

Strength and honor are her clothing by [livejournal.com profile] kajikia (R)
Summary: "We don't leave a woman behind, either, ma'am."

This story is, honestly, not very shippy at all. It focuses more on Cadman than on the pairing, but there's a wonderful little B/C moment in there that makes me smile, and I am never one to turn down a story where Laura gets to kick ass and take names. Awesome story.

Phone Tag by [livejournal.com profile] lamichelle (PG)
Special note: This fic is for the [livejournal.com profile] langford_u AU comm, info can be found here.
Summary: When it comes to dating at Langford University, the campus rumor mill isn't the only problem.

I found this one on a fluke. [livejournal.com profile] lamichelle recently posted a very cute little B/C ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] wildwest_lantis (Another AU, Pleasant Company, I hope she has more forthcoming), so I dug back in her fic posts a bit (as I am prone to) and found this one, which I enjoyed even more. The AU setting takes a bit to adjust to, although I'd heard of these comms a while back and have a general idea of how they work, but Carson and Laura translate perfectly to fit into the AU, personalities still completely intact. And Carson's a keeper in any universe.

Night Five by [livejournal.com profile] chasingkerouac (PG-13)
Summary: It was always evident when someone had died in Carson's care, Laura thought.

Set of five ficlets for the last [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove challenge. They all take place pretty much one after the other, in the course of a single night, and tie together beautifully. There's a reason this one was nominated for the Stargate Fan Awards, ^_^

Chesapeake Ladies by [livejournal.com profile] chasingkerouac (PG)
Summary: It's 1890 in Annapolis and Laura Cadman is faced with a devastating decision to follow her heart or save her family...

It's Harlequin B/C, hee. And I still want to see the rest of the story before this scene. Seriously. I need to see Carson steal Laura away from reluctant fiancé Rodney, *snickers*

...Anyone else got any recs for us?
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So, in an effort to get some discussion milling about, and because I'm always on the lookout for new and good fic, I think that we should post some fic recs. What is your favorite Beckett/Cadman fic? Or fics, cause I dare not restrict people to just one *lol*

What are your fav B/C stories? Why should we read them, what do you love about them? Point me to them!

To get things started out, and since I can't ever choose just one, three of my favorite stories for the sharing.

A New Perspective by [livejournal.com profile] kyffin (PG)
Summary: Carson has a change of perspective.

The fic is done from Carson's POV after an accident. I love the voice [livejournal.com profile] kyffin gives Carson and the characterization of Laura is fantastic. Maybe between 1000-2000 words, but it packs a great punch. A fantastic introspective Carson.

Separate Salt From Sand by [livejournal.com profile] wickedwords (PG)
Summary: Kate never liked this aspect of her job.

This was written as a response to the Debriefing Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic. It's told from Kate's POV, which isn't usually done so it's enjoyable just for the change of pace of narrators for a change. But similarly to the previous story, it centers on the aftermath of an accident. The voices of the supporting characters, especially Lorne, make this a rich and heartwrenching story. Hmm, I don't know what it is with me and accidents, but it just tugs at my heartstrings.

Widow's Walk by [livejournal.com profile] spazzula/[livejournal.com profile] andromeda_25 (PG)
Summary: Carson has a history of off-world missions gone terribly wrong, and he's not the only one who's noticed.
Spoilers/Tags: for both 'Michael' and 'Inferno' in season two

At least this one doesn't take place after an accident! Well, it takes place after Michael, so that's an ordeal unto itself, but I digress. Again, going with the love of having Beckett/Cadman told from another POV, this one is written in Elizabeth's voice as she watched Laura watch Carson. And for as much as I try to like Elizabeth, I usually don't, but I enjoy her in this fic which is an accomplishment unto itself. It's rare to find something that has the entire focus between the women on Atlantis, and that's another delighfully enjoyable change of pace. It's short, but solid.

Well, we'll make it four since I can't only give three heavy pieces. We need something lighter...

The Lysistrata Project by [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve (R)
Summary: "Doctor Weir, I do believe that there is something we could do which would help save Atlantis’ reputation as a trustworthy and dependable ally. It is a technique which my grandmother and her predecessors sometimes had recourse to, and I believe it always worked well."

The plot is blatantly lifted from Lysistrata by Aristophanes, and is just as enjoyable. Basically, the women of Atlantis decide that the men have acted up enough so they're going to withold sex from them, and convince the women of the other worlds in the database to do the same in order to break them and show them who really has the power. And oh boy, does chaos and hilarity ensue. The Beckett/Cadman scene near the end is worth the price of admission. Abount 5800 words, and good for solid laugh out loud moments.

So... what are some of your favorites? Post in a new post and share your love with the rest of the class :)
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